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I do agree that the jackhammer is overpowered But I can't tell if its a little bit or a lot. I'm mainly VS on emerald and sometimes its just crazy to go into a Tower when you know there are people inside with jackhammers. its like the VS should create Giant atomic Monkeys that are purple and sing the I Love you song and hug them to death to counter the Jackhammer.

I don't have a problem with the jackhammer itself its just the sheer volume of people that use it also the secondary fire is a factor that should have a much longer delay and shouldn't be used in conjuction with the primary fire (firing in primary once and then switching to secondary Immideatly afterwords and finishing off the person).

Other than the secondary fire and the Giant atomic monkeys I have no other problems with the jackhammer well except it should have an Icee dispenser on it.
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