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my most used loadouts on each char...

west45 NC Emerald - br20 cr5 - MA/HA/AV/eng/adv hack/air cav/ams

westii NC Emerald - br20 cr4 - MA/HA/AV/rexo/eng/adv med/assault buggy

west45 VS Werner - br19 cr2 - MA/HA/AV/rexo/eng/med/air cav

west TR Markov - br19 cr2 - MA/HA/AV/rexo/eng/adv med/ams

westmax TR Markov - BR8 - MA/Sniping/rexo
(originally my unimax alt, but the TR maxs currently suck,imo....will prob get unimax back once i get engy and a vehicle)

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