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Re: Crosspost: Patroll and Recon missions

I see how these are meant to counteract each other, with the patrol mission guys fighting the recon mission guys, etc. However I'm not sure this is good for the game.

1) its taking away from the 'massive' battles that they want by distributing people across more parts of a continent.

2) it may not be necessary with the adjacency system since the front will be wide across the map as it is, so players may be better off simply pushing the front with a few responding to backhacks and other shenanigans

3) I don't think the patrol missions will be successful because it relies on the recon missions actually being taken and actively done on a consistent basis. Patrol by its nature may be quite boring because you're running around where there is no action. I don't expect many players will want to do that.

If you want more action away from the main zerg I think there will still be plenty of opportunities, including:

* going to a continent that doesn't have as big of a conflict
* working the territory hexes on the same continent that are away from the main front
* responding to attacks on the territory hexes away from the main front
* responding to incursions on other continents that your empire may have most/all of the territory

If you hve people split doing those things and split doing recon/patrol missions I don't think the front will be the front anymore, so I'm a bit concerned it'll just be too much distraction.
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