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Still got a PS subscription? (just for fun)

Then its time to have your say on PS & PS2! To show the world how fucking good this game and the old are/will be!!!!!!!!!!

Planetside 247 (me) would like to interview you in the PS1 world.

We will ask you a few questions about your time with PS1 & the up and coming PS2.

We will use in game names only. And this is also a chance to promote anything you like, outfits/websites/players/video anything you like.

You will also be asked to turn up in your favourite vehicle and wearing your favourite armour.

Leave your name here if you would like to be interviewed, you will need to be ion game, and have SkyPE or MSN to be interviewed.

The interview should last no more than 30 mins, unless you talk alot

This is for fun people and will be posted all over the internet to help promote PS2, also the interviews will not be live, they will be recorded and edited.

You can view the full list of questions here (you must be logged in to do so)=

If you would like to add and questions feel free to do so here.

Thanks you.


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