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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

Not really a fan of these kind of ideas. The concept of highly priced/delayed vehicle that is only really pulled by outfits and difficult to destroy seems outside of casual combat. Really any vehicles in the game should focus on something that can be pulled quickly without resources or long time delays to justify extreme rarity or power. Outfit bases where engineers can call in small pieces of a base like walls and be deconstructed quickly are more along the lines of something an outfit should have.

Really what you're suggesting of high in the air "bases" is more why I suggested to arclegger and other developers to implement large static floating island bases connected with bridges over Indar to give the game a 3 dimensional feeling separate from the terrain without limiting the use of land vehicles. Really a flying ship that might be assaulted or attacked by air vehicles is leaving people that specialized in land vehicles completely out of that gameplay. (Unless they are low enough and then I think it would just promote boring gameplay of AA wasting their time filling it with AA rounds).

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