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Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
How do you figure?

They are supposed to be expensive, they aren't GGs.
I guess there are two points I made. The first is how restricting OAC to air dosen't stop them from being BFRs. They are still overpowered white elephants with the ability to smash through the opposition. Restricting them to air combat dosen't change that anymore then restricting them to only walking on grass. Where they show up, they are the BFRs.

That would be bad, except my second point is that BFRs have the ability to be balanced. One of the problems with BFRs (or what I can get from reading peoples problems with them) is that they didn't cost anything. OACs do cost you. If you spend your money on a OAC, you can't spend it on that shiny fleet of battle tanks. That keeps them balanced. (I think)
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