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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
Really a flying ship that might be assaulted or attacked by air vehicles is leaving people that specialized in land vehicles completely out of that gameplay.
Any kind of naval aspect to the game would end up that way. But those who specialize in naval warfare won't be much use eating dirt either... so the balance is there.

Originally Posted by nomotog View Post
I guess there are two points I made. The first is how restricting OAC to air dosen't stop them from being BFRs. They are still overpowered white elephants with the ability to smash through the opposition. Restricting them to air combat dosen't change that anymore then restricting them to only walking on grass. Where they show up, they are the BFRs.
Except they aren't, they won't singlehandedly dominate air combat either, having some point defense guns doesn't change that.
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