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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

BF2142 did this with it's Titan matches.

These vehicles are game changers, they become the focus, instead of a facet of gameplay. The ability to drop troops on the battlefield en-mass from a protected and defendable position is incredable, the titan matches had cappable bases but they were largely ignored during the beta because capping them didn't help you kill the titan.

In late beta the bases had guided missile silo's added to them, now capping bases directly did damage to the enemy air-ship. Suddenly capping the bases was worthwhile, but no one realy bothered still. Then airships got shield that preventing troops from landing untill they had been destroyed, and only the ground launches missile could kill the shields, and now we "needed" to cap bases.

The point, is that these titans went from "a cool new vehicle with spawn capabilities" to something so utterly all encompassing that the game ceased to be about the ground war at all. The game designers had to put in half-dozzen new eliments to make the ground war relevant at all because killing the air-ships was so key, and ground vehicles couldn't do that.

Planetside 2 needs more depth than a BF2142 titan match, they were fun but they were only one of many game modes, and they got repetative fast. Boarding actions always more or less ended the same way and all of those awesome tanks and mechs on the ground just got forgotten about.
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