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Originally Posted by Jinxsey View Post
BF2142 did this with it's Titan matches.

[see above]
All quite true, and a good summation of the good and bad things from 2142. However, the similarities between the games (2142 and PS2-with-Airships) are largely the superficial ones: futuristic quasi-dystopia FPS with vehicles including a large floating ship.

Scope changes everything.

In 2142, there was never a time you were in the middle of a Titan game mode and thought, "Man, there are just TOO many players attacking the Titan, I'd be spending my time better patrolling bases 1, 3, and 4 in my hovertank." It just didn't happen- there weren't enough players.

If you wanted to drive tanks, that's all well and good, but there's no real purpose after a certain stage in the Titan game. So you're out of luck or have to wait out until the next round begins.

Planetside 2 won't have that problem; there are no rounds. Your tank will just have a new objective in the distance or protecting the base you just took from the enemy Airship coming in from the north.

So if an Airship comes in and totally changes the battlefield environment- that's okay! In fact, that's a great thing. It wouldn't be any different if it were two squadrons of tanks, or a flock of reavers. Coordinated players, in whatever form they may come, should change the battlefield in some way. That player-caused change in the tide of war is a dynamic sorely needed to keep PS2 fresh and fun for everyone.

Of course, if Airships were a constant and/or significant presence, that would be different. I trust the devs to figure out a cool way to balance these bad boys, either by making them largely aesthetic but common, effective but expensive, or some fine balance in-between these two.

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