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Originally Posted by wraithverge View Post
meh, wasp is effective and fun. People who have a problem with it I highly recommend reading this article:
Not as a you should do this sort of thing, but more of an understanding of other mentalities. It's like getting hate tell for a punisher using an underslung grenade, prob my most amusing hate tell ever.
Reading this article makes me want to get PS then cert Wasp, Unimax, and SA then go to a continent with an equipment mod and stock my locker full of radiators.


Oh yeah and get flail. That'll actually take work though memorizing all the flail spots. Oh yeah, I probably should just switch to NC. Lol, look at this line of thought.

In all seriousness, I odn't think you can "win" at planetside. I mean you can't there's really no win condition, you can get kills but that's it.

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