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If unions were all that was holding employers back, why don't we see their membership growing to combat the evil employers? And why do we not see press coverage of the private sector and the non-union public sector employer injustices?
1. Not all corporations are evil. There are plenty with bosses that do actually care a lot about the welfare of their workers.

2. There is a HUGE risk involved in unionizing. Many/most states are at will employment states, meaning that they can fire you without cause. If you don't have overwhelming support and can't spring it on the company by surprise, you stand a very good chance of simply being fired. Its exactly like a revolt against a government.. you need a critical mass of people willing to risk everything.

3. Some people have spent a lot of money for decades painting unions in the worst possible light. Kinda like the anti socialist rhetoric.

But in the modern era I'm not seeing the necessity.
The threat of unionization undoubtedly keeps some of excesses in check, and even if you don't need a union because you have a great boss/owner/whatever, you still have no power. You depend on your bosses good will, and if he changes his mind, or gets replaced, it can all go to shit.
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