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Originally Posted by Sgt Shultz View Post
We generally avoid making access to LOTO to anyone but the person to who that lock belongs. With the size of the machines we use it's too easy to lose sight of a person thus you could potential kill someone by removing their locks.

@Vash - it's not my job to make a business case to an hourly operator. He doesn't own the machine, nor the parts. Furthermore what about demand? You think his pissing around is going to help him if demand falls?
You're putting all the risk on the workers while the business keeps all the advantages for itself.

Say for instance they make 3 engines a day (note: I dont know anything about making engines) and your idea increases that to 4 engines a day. if you can sell 4, thats fine and dandy. But if demand drops and you can only sell 3 a day and go "sorry lads, no ones buying you've got to go home", they are the ones out of pocket from the deal while the impact on the business is none.
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