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Sub-faction Competing Within Empires?

I've put this in a separate thread from the Meta Game discussion, as I'm sure there will be a lot of beeps or flaming from other players Currently we have a system in the game called Griefing, which prevents people from killing each other within the game who belong to the same empire. There is still no word on how exactly outfits are to be compensated compared to other players, so I have an idea that might make it more interesting. As it stands, the people that claim the most territory are outfits, composed of dozens or (in the case of The Enclave) thousands of players in them...

But what if, within those empires, people of two rival outfits could compete for resource-bonuses?

What I'm proposing is a modification to the system, where unaligned players would still earn grief from others, and provide grief to players in outfits. However, when trying to gain a boost in resources for one particular group, they could eliminate allied players of another, independent group of the same empire without penalty. All of these outfit-dependent resources earned could then be spent on benefits to purchase and improve a mobile outfit base (think the M510/Mammoth vehicle in Halo 4), or could convert them into CPs to upgrade other weapons and vehicles.

There would also be an outfit ranking through the PS2 Players portal that shows everyone how they're doing compared to rival outfits, with a higher Outfit Point (OP) benefit awarded the smaller the outfit's global population is to others.

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