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Mass Planetside 1 Video Uploads! *Updated*

This is going to be a thread to upload as many Planetside 1 videos as possible, especially old school videos. I will first start this thread by posting many uploaded videos, I will update this thread and add more as time goes on, so be sure to read through the thread post to see my replies for more videos.You can preview all these videos on my youtube channel "Obsol33txGunuko" the youtube link is below all these videos. ::Also if anyone has any random ps1 videos on their hd, upload them and post them in this thread! Thanks.

All the Uploads are here:

I'm uploading a bunch of Planetside 1 videos, you can add any of these to your collection as well! I will be editing/posting more videos with my edits/replies in the future so check my posts for more videos.
Preview all these videos below at my youtube channel "Obsol33txGunuko" - Just search for each video in the search engine, then download which ever one you want:

Preview all these videos below at my youtube channel "Obsol33txGunuko" - Just search for each video in the search engine, then download which ever one you want:

NoxousX - Sandwich of Life Removed: 87mb

NoxousX - Sandwich of Life Incomplete:112mb

The Overlords Outfit Video:101mb

Mindaxis - Immortal:39mb

OzziKing - Headstrong:70mb

warning - CE Jihad Part 1:90mb

warning - CE Jihad Part 2:136mb


Ahriman Corp Continuity by Disillusioned (Featuring: Spart/xVersus,xdonut,Disillusioned, and TheChAiN)486mb
or here

g0ldhaze1 - Requim:116mb

g0ldhaze1 - Planetside 1 (Surgile):64mb

AlienMouse - Cruel and Unusual Punishment:61mb

AlienMouse - Alien Abduction:348mb

SGprophet - SGencore:36mb

g0ldhaze1 - Return of the Killwhore:121mb

TheChAiN - Planetside 1 Montage KWA (Gunuko Remix):221mb

BlueTiger - Ownage v3 (Pounce):81mb

BlueTiger - Ownage v2:44mb

Comandirka - 3rd Vid:76mb

OzziKing - ItsOnNow:42mb

Gunuko - Unleash the Bull, a Tribute to Planetside 1: 1.5gb

TRxTerm - Compilation:268mb

elcyco - Reaver Spree Amerish Part 2:74mb

g0ldhaze1 - tpc vs pcp tower fight:128mb

NOTARGET Duels - Markov 2005:44mb

OzziKing - CantBeTouched:122mb

Stylus - Engage (Air to Air Video):104mb

Sonicslayer/bluetiger - TR Might Part 2:92mb

Sonicslayer/bluetiger - TR Might 1:85mb

xNeptenx - Specs Ops Voltan:81mb

xNeptenx - Lethal Rage Redone: Unleash the Gator(REMIX):554mb

chestrocwell - bullet proof cornflakes:39mb

The Best of BlueTiger Planetside 1 Legend:1gb

BlueTiger - Ownage v4:92mb

BlueTiger - Wratherous:53mb

xNeptenx - Editing Footage for xNeptenx (Spec Ops Voltan):84mb

xNeptenx - Lethal Rage (Original):160mb

g0ldhaze1 - My Day:130mb

g0ldhaze1 - Part 2:140mb

Comandirka - Countdown:207mb

Gunuko - Unleash the Bull: 1.5gb

PCMPexe - A2Aexe (Pilot Video):98mb

TRxTerm - Third Video:88mb

BlueTiger - Ownage v6 No Mercy:88mb

Gunuko - Funny Planetside 1 Clips:221mb

Gunuko - Redemption:182mb

AlienMouse - Alien Abduction:348mb

OzziKing - ImBack:82mb

OzziKing - ImASoldier:58mb

OzziKing - TowerWhorin:81mb

Gunuko - TR Might 3: 1.1gb

Str8DumpinNC - CrackSmoke 8

Str8DumpinNC - Cracksmoke 9

BlueTiger - Ownage v7 [Typhoon] Planetside 2 Edition:
or here:

*Updates Coming* Check my edits/replies/posts throughout this thread!
You can Preview many of these files on my youtube channel @:

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