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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Canaris View Post
I've said this before but they should release the Planetside 2 map maker on the player studio.
Honestly who's more passionate for the game than the players. Could you imagine if we were making the continents and redesigning the bases to be what they should be.
Just look at all the amazing helmets that have been created or the concept armor people have crafted for the three factions.

Instead of having 4 maps you could have the proper world of Auraxis again with a real continental lattice.
It's a pretty huge resource that remains untapped.
Half of a map maker's time is spent implementing design data. It's really not so simple as modifying terrain and placing objects. You have to hook up NPCs to this and that table. Facilities have to be linked up with their spawns, shields, control consoles, vehicle pads, and lattice lines. You need to enter data in 15+ tables just to create one base. To make something like this possible for player studio would be a huge undertaking, and likely won't happen for this reason.
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