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$1200 Computer Build

1. What is your budget and does that include shipping/taxes?
1,200 at most, excluding shipping

2. Where do you live (Please list if possible town, state, and country)?
menlo park, CA

3. What do you need this computer to do (like gaming, Photoshop, and so on)? strictly gaming, mainly planetside 2.

4. What parts will you need for the computer? Please list what parts specifically. all of them, minus monitor, keyboard, and mouse

5. Are you reusing any parts for this computer? If so please say what parts.

6. What kind of monitor/resolution do you have or want to get to use for the computer? I have a 21" LCD monitor, im not sure what the best resolution for that is

7. Do you have a legit OS? If so what OS and is it 32-bit or 64-bit?
I need to get one, windows preferably

8. What are you looking for the motherboard to have feature wise? Like SLI, Crossfire, Firewire, USB 3.0, Sata 6.0 Gb/s, and so on.
no need for SLi or crossfire, and I really only am building this for ps2, so if it enhances the gameplay, I would like it

9. Any plans to overclock the CPU or GPU?

10. What time kind of time frame are you planning on ordering these parts?
I would like to have it completed by the end of the summer

Any advice or input would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me, I really do appreciate it.
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