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As others said, both sides are pretty bad right now.

What can you expect after centuries of hate, disrespect, self-centeredness and events culminating in one sided proclamations, several wars, oppression, land stealing, poverty, indoctrination, extremism - all with different victims and aggressors - and thus the current state of massive paranoia and mass hysteria between both sides.

Both sides can easily point at the other and say "THEY DID THIS TO US!" and they'd be right. It's not at all anymore about who started it, who has the power or "who's more right". It's about a bunch of arrogant, self-important, self-righteous people cramped together in a tiny shed they think is more important than anything else in the world with a fued to the death over who gets to be the biggest immature gits and a lot of dead victims as a result.

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