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Originally Posted by Koopa
3. Pick on Someone your Own Size
Don't attack what you know can own you. Don't go attacking a Liberator (unless it's really damaged), because it has a lot of armor and you only have a 12mm, and a tailgunner might get you. Going after a Gal is a sheer waste of your time. You can attack tanks, but try to keep distance so they don't get you, especially Magriders.
I disagree with this one, slightly. When I come upon a Lib I approach it firing at top speed. If I notice there is no tail gunner I'll slow down to tail it for the kill. It doesn't take that long to kill a full health Lib with a Skeeter chain gun. I have also taken down Gals, with the same approach. Tanks, well, I take them on all the time but I only do it in runs. Fly down firing, then use afterburners to get away. I do that a few times and repair if I have to. I don't always kill the tank but it sure leaves it in a world of hurt, and while he's firing at me (which they often do) it leaves the AV troops time to get some shots off.
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