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My next one. This one is for heavy tanks. All three.

New Conglomerate
Role: Attack, Escort
Weapons: 150mm cannon, 20mm machine gun
Occupants: 2 (Driver, Gunner)
Speed: Medium

The Vanguard is the New Conglomerate's version of the heavy tank. With average armor, massive firepower and a low profile, the Vanguard is a picture-perfect tank. It fits the idea of most New Conglomerate weapons and vehicles - slow refire rate but very powerful.

The 150mm is a menace. It's the most powerful cannon, weapon for that matter, out there. However, it's refire rate is slow, about half as fast as the Prowler. However, each hit is a menace. One hit for infantry and MAXes and ATV vehicles. It fairs against other ground vehicles just fine. Plus, the projectiles are pretty long-ranged. The splash damage of the 150mm is pretty big, so it's dangerous to use it on a target right by the tank, because the Vanguard might take serious damage.

The Vanguard also has an alternate 20mm gun for close-by targets. This gun is much better on infantry just right by your tank, because you don't want to damage the tank with the 150mm. Also, the 20mm is better on aircraft than the 150mm due to the arc of the 150mm.

Terran Republic
Role: Attack, Escort
Occupants: 3 (Driver, two gunners)
Weapons: 100mm cannon, 12mm
Speed: Slow

The Prowler is the TR's main tank. It carries a 100mm cannon along with an extra gunner seat which mans the 12mm machine gun. Like most TR weapons and vehicles, it has the "kill them before they can kill you" philosophy. The Prowler is the biggest battle tank in PlanetSide, so it can be a big target.

The 100mm is the fastest cannon out there. It is about twice as fast as the Vanguard, but about half as weak as the Vanguard. It takes two to take out infantry, about two to take out MAXes, and fairs well against other ground vehicles.

Unlike the Magrider and the Vanguard, the Prowler has an extra gunner seat who mans the 12mm. It's not nearly as effective as the 100mm, but it doesn't hurt. It's a good idea for the 100mm to take out ground targets and the 12mm to damage air targets.

The main drawback of this tank is it's driving speed and size. It's decently big, and it goes a maximum speed of 46kph. However, with the decent firepower it has, it manages to defend itself.
__________________________________________________ __

Vanu Sovereignty
Role: Attack, Escort
Occupants: 2 (Driver, gunner)
Weapon: Heavy Rail Beam, Pulsed Particle Accelerator
Speed: Good

The Magrider is the Vanu Sovereignty's battle tank. It's the fastest of them all, and is based on energy weapons. Plus, it's the only tank that the driver has a gun too, and it's not too bad. The Magrider is also claimed as the "Magmower", due to it's great ability to strafe sideways and run people over.

The Pulsed Particle Accelerator is a medium-quality gun. I has a fast refire rate, about as fast as a Pulsar, and it's stronger. It's not that great for infantry since it can't bend down very far, but it's good against air and ground vehicles, but mostly, the Heavy Rail Beam will be taking care of that.

The Heavy Rail Beam is a great gun. With a fast ROF, and deadly power, it makes everyone tremble at it's name. Unlike the other tank guns, the HRB fires straight, instead of an arc. Thus, it's better for aircraft. It takes one direct hit to take out infantry, two if they are a little off. The splash damage is a lot smaller than the other tanks, however. It does great against other vehicles as well. With the combination of the Pulsed Particle Accelerator and the Heavy Rail Beam, it makes the Magrider a deadly vehicle.
__________________________________________________ _

Tips for the Heavy Tank:

1. Fight in the Plains, not the Forests
I can't stress enough how horribly a tank does if you fight with a lot of trees, rocks or mountains around. Since the tanks are pretty slow, you won't go up mountains very well. If there are trees around, not only will you move like shit, but you take damage from driving into trees.

2. Fear the Reaver
The Reaver is your worst enemy. No matter what, if you're in a Mag, Prowler or Vanguard, a Reaver will damage you a lot. If it's a good pilot, you're basically gone, but if you're a good gunner, you have a chance. The rockets from a Reaver will do a lot on you. In a Prowler or Vanguard, have the 20mm or 12mm handle the Reaver, not the 150/100mm (but let them try). The Heavy Rail Beam is great for Reavers, though. Mainly, if you see a Reaver, don't encounter it. Try to run. If you can't, you have no choice.

3. Run People Over
If you see an enemy soldier, just there, and there are no major enemies around that'll crush you, go run him over. One kill for you. Running people over stacks up a lot of kills, especially in a Magrider. Don't just run people over all the time, though. If many friendlies are battling many enemies in one compact area, don't even try. You'll just kill all you're friendlies.

4. Stay on the Move
The main reason of this tip is because of Deciminators. Since you're pretty slow in a tank, a decim user can damage you pretty badly, and you might not be able to see him if he's sniping with it. However, the Deciminator rockets are dumbfire, so if you're moving, they won't hit you (unless they have really good aim).

5. Never Leave Home without a Gunner
There's honestly no point in driving a tank without a gunner. No, mowing won't help, because a gunner would defend the tank from being crushed. Just try to find someone to gun for you, it doesn't take a long time, because everyone likes to gun tanks. Even though the Magrider has a driver-mounted gun, it can't turn sideways, thus you'll have to turn the whole tank around to shoot. Just keep a gunner for that too.

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