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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
Cool plan, one hitch: territory control.

It'd kind of suck if the TR hold the south east quadrant of a continent, and then the next morning their home base on the continent gets sent to the far end of that continent.
Its not really a problem for two reasons.

1) If they have any significant amount of territory they will have a facility, meaning they don't require the uncap to base out of. If they don't have a facility then it is unlikely they have much to lose, which would take us to the second reason...

2) It helps as much as it hurts. The most it would do is expose a few more hexes to invasion while simultaneously giving each empire that same amount of hexes exposure to new territory on the continent. In either case it brings new opportunity to the continent to mix it up.
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