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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

A tower moving doesn't change the direction an empire is fighting, nor the likely direction his opponents will be coming from. It changes the terrain a bit, but that's rather small.

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, consider the early days of PS with "home continents" - to give an example, Solsar. NC always had a link to the south of Solsar, and the way the lattice worked out the TR almost always had a link to Seth in the north, with the VS at Bastet. So invasions of Solsar almost always went like this - TR in the North, NC in the South, sometimes VS would backhack TR.

With uncaps on every continent, it is the same as having those static links. Solsar on PS 2 might have NC in the south, TR in the northwest, and VS in the northeast. The battles will pretty much play out the same way, with TR and VS fighting over Seth and the surrounding terrain. NC and TR fighting over Mont and the surrounding terrain.

The purpose of the thread is to mix up those locations from time to time (not every day, not even every week) to keep things fresh so we don't have to roll TR to see what its like to fight on Solsar from the northwest or to assault Mont from the North.

Moving towers and random resources help mix things up, but it doesn't change the underlying problem of the static invasion points.
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