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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

Re-bumping this since the video revealed the continent of Indar. Each empire looks to have different geographical areas closest to them. This is good for diversity, but having the same empire fighting in the same geographical area against the same enemies is going to get dull.

Randomization of the uncaps doesn't have to happen very often, but something like once a month or once every three months it needs to be mixed up or it'll just get dull. I'll get tired of fighting the VS over that same facility every night, or over that same canyon where they're always up on those same rocks. I'd like to fight on the other side for once or fight a different opponent in that area. Likewise I'd like to also experience what it's like to see the other areas I might not see very often because it's primarily deep in one of the other faction territories, or something the other two empires typically fight over.
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