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Re: I hate you all.

Originally Posted by Bazilx View Post
Hey, you, what's your problem? You felt the need to click this link because you like to be insulted? Do you have some sort of sado-masochistic thing going on and were hoping this thread would bring you your next fix? Maybe go play Xbox Live or the ending of Mass Effect 3 if that's your inclination because all you'll find here is a hot steaming bucket of truth.

I'm Bazil, I'm so awesome my mother gave birth to me early becase she couldn't wait to get to know me. None of you will ever be good enough to be my friends, especially you, the person reading this. What have you accomplished? Do you (like me) have a kickass job in customer service? No? Why not? Not enough balls to go out and tell people what's up? That's what it's about man, go out and grab things, grab life by the balls and yell in its face "These are MY F****** ACTION FIGURES!"

What about your gaming experience? I played Planeside one, OBVIOUSLY, did you really need me to tell you that? How stupid are you? Also, I played Battlefield 1942 (the only real Battlefield), and Call of Duty while it was still primarily a singleplayer game, I didn't even NEED other players to win the war, I did it by myself against hundreds of enemy soldiers. That's 1 against like 800, 800 kill-streak bitches, deal with that, if you can.

I also like 3D graphic design and am an aspiring author. Why do you care? Don't you have hobbies and interests of your own?

You all disgust me.

While I'm sure it will disgust you further, I love this post, lol
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