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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
I guess id Software doesn't understand something is seriously wrong when they hand out millions of dollars in cash prizes to the highest level competition players in the world when they allow them to change their FOV's during tournaments then.

Has it really come to a point where people are so obsessed with balance that even something as insignificant as this causes a stir? If it doesn't matter to players who compete over millions of dollars as a full-time profession, I can't imagine why it would matter to people here, in a relatively casual game that will most likely not feature tournaments.

Forcing one view mode doesn't "add" anything besides an almost imaginary level of fairness. It subtracts. You have fewer options.
Fairness isn't imaginary, and also, if you can choose to change to a 3rd person cockpit view, why wouldn't you be able to choose to turn off vehicle animations? That way people who consider themselves immersed by them can have them on and those who don't have them off? Answer: the affect on balance is not insignificant.
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