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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
Lower FOV = less visibility. Some tournament players play at 90. Some play at 120. That's over 30% more visibility, way more than what the cockpit in that picture blocks. Many still play at 4:3, some play at 16:9.
FOV is an advantage for the same reason. Whether a tournament recognizes that is irrelevant to the discussion because it also isn't an identical scenario.

They may have their own justification of why they allow it (such as it compressing the objects in view, possibly balancing out the expanded viewspace). I'm speculating but point is that FOV and obstruction are not exactly the same scenario. There's tradeoffs with FOV changing, there isn't a tradeoff with disabling something that obstructs vision.

This is especially true when the obstruction occurs on the lower 25% of your screen, which for a pilot is an area that is highly likely to contain threats. All ground-based AA will originate from that area, as well as potential targets.

As a ground-based player knowing the view angles of an aircraft can help you better hide from them. There are many gameplay consequences to have that obstruction. No player should be able to simply toggle it off just because they don't like it. Good players will have to make do.
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