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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by Stew View Post
I dont want to fly a camera i want to feel thats i flight something and also the pics is not exactly representative of the view itself becaue as u can see the possition of the hud aiming thing is all the way down low so i guess when u look al the way up or when u get altitude the cockpit look like this ! And for me its perfectly fine !

And i like it !

Flying cameras are for lazy dev ! SOE arent lazy
Then don't fly a camera. Request a decent cockpit view that does not overly restrict your view by spending 25% of the screen on superfluous detail that has no reason for existing.

The problem with games is they are always trying to 'prove' how realistic they are by taking up more of the already greatly restricted field of view. Its like driving from the 1st person view in car games. Absolutely nothing at all like the real thing, and just makes it seem claustrophobic.

Originally Posted by Stew View Post
As u can see this cockpit view is pretty acurate based on the mosquito its not a pure buble there is actualy those two side bar !
Yes, I know. They have no purpose for being there. You can make bubble canopies that shape. The model was designed to look cool, not for any sort of functionality. Then they based the cockpit off the model, and now we have to deal with it. Lol.. I can't wait to mouselook around that(which would be the only reason to have 3d cockpits).. Extremely thick horizontal bars at eye level, and absolutely zero visibility to the rear...

I can't wait to see what the Reavers cockpit is going to look like, either. The bracing on that one is just ridiculous. And as previously mentioned, the vanu has the 'block my vision please' cylon raider styling.

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