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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

Originally Posted by DxC View Post
my time in planetside was with 3 outfits

Purple Valor - Unsure if there around or not had a good time with them and learnt a few things about Planetside to start with

Purple Saints (not around anymore )

And my current one being ISK Brilliant load of guys there and still around today!
I had the idea I remembered your name from somewhere I played with Purple Valor back in the days, but I did constantly make the 7 days trial, so I never had a fixed character.

Only a few month later I did end up monthly subscribtion and ended with a char named Hellsman5. I'd only stick around for a good 6 months or something, but I did play alot with Max65 if you by any chance remember him and not me
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