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THE RETURN OF OLD OSHUR - Saturday, July 7th

“at least for 6 hours”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? Maybe go back to 2003 with all your friends, and your favorite continent, “Old Oshur”. Well you’re in luck! Auraxian Scientists have stumbled upon a rare anomaly in the Galaxies which they believe will bring “Old Oshur” within reach of Auraxis for 6 hours on Saturday, July 7th PDT.

Can’t make it to the event or just want to follow the action? Use hash tags #PLANETSIDE2 and/or #OLDOSHUR to see what everybody is saying.

THE EVENT All Times are Pacific Time Zone
Date: Saturday, July 7th
Time: 12:00pm PDT. All times are PDT, San Diego, CA time zone. Time-Zone Converter

This event is intended to return your play experience back to 2003, when Old Oshur was the place to be. A time when large outfits ruled the land, a time when BFR’s were only a thought, and a time when teamwork easily determined the outcome of the game. Well get ready for those times again because tomorrow the War Begins, again. Could it be déjà vu? Do you have what it takes to win the bragging rights to Old Oshur?

Each empire will have 150 players summoned to Old Oshur prior to the event. Once the event start an additional 75 spots will be made available for players who wish to Instant Action to the continent. Additionally, twice during the event a platoon of Black Ops will make their appearance on the continent to mix things up a bit. During the event there will be no developer or customer service interaction, there will be no other random events on Old Oshur, and no Meteors.

Determining the Winner is done by the number of bases owned by each empire, towers are not counted. At the 5-hour point of the event the empire with the lowest amount of bases owned will be eliminated, they will lose all their respawn points and any bases they currently own will go neutral. This will leave the two remaining empires to fight it out on Old Oshur for the ultimate bragging rights of what could be one of their last visits to Old Oshur in Auraxis history. The empire that places 2nd in the event will earn access to the 3rd places empire vehicles for 24 hours. The Winning empire will gain access to both enemy vehicles for 48 hours.

THE PLAN All Times are Pacific Time Zone
  • Pre-Event [11:00 AM] Players who signed up in this thread will be summoned to Old Oshur one hour before the event. All Players MUST remain in a Warpgate until the event begins.
  • The Event [12:00 PM] All Bases will receive NTU and a series of Earthquakes will kick off the 6-hour event.
  • The Finals [5:00 PM] The empire with the lowest amount of bases owned on Old Oshur will lose all their spawn points and be eliminated. Their bases will also be neutralized.
  • The Winner [6:00 PM] The empire that owns the most bases (not towers) will determine the winner.
  • TIEBREAKER [if needed] In the event of a TIE at the 6 hour mark, the entire zone will be neutralized and the 1st empire to take ownership of ANY base will be determined the Winner.

One hour prior to the event the devs will begin summoning players who signed (in this thread) to the Warpgates on Old Oshur. Everybody is to remain inside of the Warpgates until the event begins, this will be the only safe location on the zone. If you die before the event before the event begins you will not be able to re-spawn on Old Oshur and you will likely miss the event, thus it’s important to stay inside the Warpgates where you will be safe. If you did not sign up for the event or you were not online 1-hour prior to the event and ready to be summoned then you will not be brought to the zone. Instead you will need to wait until the event begins, and once the fighting starts hotspots will be created and players should be able to use Instant Action to get to Old Oshur.
  • SUMMONING TO OLD OSHUR: You cannot be summed while in a Vehicle, while in the HART, or while at the MAP. You must be in-game and ready to be summoned.
  • WHAT NOT TO DO! Using Global to spam things like “take me to Old Oshur” will guarantee that you will not be summoned. If you did not sign up for the event but would still like to participate announcements will be made in game by an Game Admin giving you instructions on how to get to Old Oshur.
  • EVENT DISCLAMER: This is a PlanetSide2 Dev run event. Customer Service (CSRs, GMs, or Techs) will not have the ability to bring you to Old Oshur so please do not spam their queue asking to be taken there, they cannot help you out. There will be little to no interaction with the Devs during the event, they will be using hidden avatars that cannot be seen. Your best option for participating in the event will be to sign up in this thread, or follow the instructions of the Game Admins during the event.

To sign up for the event please reply to this thread with your Character Name and Outfit Name. If your character will be streaming the event and you would like others to know about it then please include the link to your stream. IMPORTANT: You can only sign up for your own character, players who add multiple names in the signup sheet will be ignored. This will save our devs a lot of time by eliminating the need to search for players to summon that aren’t going to be in the game or didn’t even know that somebody else signed them up. Example of how to signup is listed below.

BREWKO [DanB Fan Club], <empire>
Stream: www . twitch . tv /oldoshur



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