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Originally Posted by Jaybonaut View Post
Congrats on the position!

My question is a little more off topic:

Do you understand the hesitancy on adoption of Windows 8? There was a news bit that stated that there are 5 times less pre-orders than Win 7 had at the same time before launch. What are your comments regarding the OS? etc.

If there's less enthusiasm over Windows 8 (and I haven't seen anything to indicate that, but I haven't really been looking either), I would speculate the following

1) Windows 7 is rock solid, so there's no strong motivation for people to upgrade their existing PCs.

2) Windows 8 has the impression of a significant UI change (it was really only the Start menu and the Start button, both of which you rarely use in Desktop). People might be uneasy about it.

I've met some people who freaked out about it, but after personally using it for about the last two years you get used to it really fast, and if you miss the old start menu....

Pro Tip: Windows Key + X. On Windows 8 that brings up a quick menu of all the stuff that people commonly used the old start menu for, including console windows (and admin mode for them), explorer, control panel, etc. If you're using a desktop that will completely replace anything you used the old start menu for, and Start + typing stuff helps you find anything else rather quickly. It changes the way you use the PC a little but it really doesn't get in the way.

Most Windows sales come from new PCs, not upgrades, and historically the release of a new OS doesn't significantly impact purchase of new PCs. There are some great new form factors coming out for Windows 8 that I think people will like. Particularly I like the Slates that dock and become a thin notebook with the "base" being just a keyboard, a bigger battery, and peripheral hookups.

These are the type of devices that are awesome for windows 8

Laptop - slate, whatever need you have, and it's a fully operational PC, none of this paired-down OS modes. That's the great part of it. You have touch apps, and you can have fully powerful business and personal software on them. They don't have a lot to offer gaming, but I'm really looking forward to getting one of these PCs on Oct 26th.

Not sure whether I'm going to get one of these or a Surface. Hard to say. I like Surface but I think I might want a more resilient keyboard, so one of those Asus or Lenovos might be up my alley.
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