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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Originally Posted by JHendy View Post
Honestly, I just wish that you could have been a part of the PS2 team from the moment initial development was given the green light.

There is a mountain of stuff that needs to be gotten right. I get the feeling (I hope) that you'll be bold enough to make your voice the one that gets heard in the decision making process, because you seem to know precisely the direction the game needs to head in, in order for it to be deemed a worthy successor.
I'll do my best, but honestly there are some smart folks on the dev team. It's a big reason I wanted to join. If you look back at the way the game has developed over the last few months it has come a long way and I think it's been in the right direction at every turn. That isn't to say there is no work to be done...there's lots to be done, but its going in the right direction.
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