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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

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....tend to agree. Mongoose has hit the nail right on the head. Please read, digest, and absord his succint wisdom. The Reality is SUBs pay to make it "free" for those who choose NOT to pay.

I'm fine with eliminating Resource gains if the F2P folks seem to think it's P2W. Part of me thinks this is simply the reality of the World. And there is no "winning" anthing in this game. It's a frickin' GAME. And, cry babies should NOT be pandered to.

I'd prefer they increase TTK about 20%. See how that helps gamelay.

I think F2P folks need to lighten up. Sony needs to generate income to keep this game running. The Catch-22 reality of this fact is unavoidable.

I have no issues playing my wifes F2P account. I play both ends of the Account spectrum. The P2W debate is much ado about nothing.
"reality of the world"

Using the mentality lets give people who pay enough money better tanks/Guns lol....since after all in the real world you get better things if you pay money.

This is a video game....which is meant to be "fair" inside the game.

Sorry but "winning" is getting kills,completing objectives, and overall having success.

If Resources didn't matter much as you say when why is that is only 10% discount when somebody wins a continent?

Why isn't 50% discount?...Is quite obvious...50% discount resources will benifit an Empire way too much because their is absolutely zero downside to have a lot of resources.

It will be unfair to the other 2 empires who will spend more resources to buy the same thing.

You keep mentioning your wives account.

Look dude I had 50% Xp boost(Xp boost helps u get resources) and 25% Xp/Resource boost with membership.....I had all my infantry resources full at 100%....I felt rich.

Now I can't even get it passed 30% full.....I have to make choices on what to spend my infantry resources on and I can't be as careless.

It does a huge difference.

Sorry is Pay 2 Win because it gives you an ingame advantage to get powerful items with no downside.

Their is 0 downside to being able to get tanks/planes/etc when ever you want and having all infantry resources at full....Zero downside.

Comapred to Certs which really are convenience...Certs give you sidegrade,slight upgrades, and options....but ingame you still have to make a decision on which sidegrade you want to use since their is downsides to each weapon mostly.

So yes resource boost = Pay 2 win.

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