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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

Originally Posted by DredVS View Post
A lot of people get wrong opinions of ZOE by watching them stomp biolabs. Most people I farm are level 1 to 50 BR's who do not understand the game.

The Blueshifts need a cone of fire nerf, but aside from that, the VS MAX is balanced. The Comets are getting nerfed vs. Infantry too, which is necessary as well.

This thread seems to be filled with hyperbole and misconceptions from other players.
No, I got my impression from playing with it for a bit and having played against it for some time now.

Hadn't really thought about just tweaking the weapons to balance it. Maybe it would help, but wouldn't doing so just reduce the effectiveness of those who don't use ZOE? Don't think it would balance the ZOE if they nerfed the Blueshift.
True all MAX AV weapons are getting rebalanced.


Originally Posted by DynamoECT View Post
Omg vanu have one thing that's slightly nice, nerf it immediately. If we don't they might go above 29% population somewhere.
This isn't the official forum, that won't work here.
Believe it or not most forum goers here want PS2 to be as balanced as possible.

I don't consider the ZOE overpowered since you have to know how to use it, yes I just used the learn to play argument, if you don't want to get gunned down very, very fast. For those who know how to use it, it becomes imbalanced. (Obviously even the best ZOE player can and will feel the downside of the ZOE from time to time. BOOM!)
To me the ZOE is just a "jack of all trades" ability since it's not situational and the downside can be mostly ignored. If it was up to me the ZOE would be more well defined in what it's supposed to do.
I know that Clegg stated that they wouldn't be making any big changes to the ZOE, but...
Want to keep the movement speed and damage buff: Give it a duration and or a cooldown (Basicly PS1 capacitors which could be added to all MAXes). Or give it an activation and deactivation time. Or a more creative type of restriction.
Want to keep the damage output: Reduce or remove the movement speed bonus and reduce the increased damage taken.
Want to keep the speed bonus: Remove the damage buff and perhaps lower the increased damage taken. (The ZOE being purely about speed wouldn't make much sense because we already have the charge and imo. ZOE shouldn't just be a direct upgrade).

Or something along those lines.
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