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Re: There is a new Tutorial

I did appreciate the tutorial, as it stands, but I felt that it leaves a lot of areas not covered. I'm probably a bit different from the norm though because I had stayed away from FPS games for quite a while and I only jumped back in while joining some mates on BF3 this summer. So, although there are some similarities between the games, I found Planetside different enough to leave me scratching my head thinking, WTF.

I would have liked more information on things like supporting roles and hacking, or fixing a generator for instance and I still get totally lost in some of the larger facilities LOL. But I realise that what I am really after is a "Dummy's guide to Planetside 2" and I appreciate that there is a lot of work required for that.

If I wasn't so busy with other things I suppose I could contribute to the Wiki itself. Perhaps, one day, I will. It certainly needs updating in some areas.

Thinking about it, I think most of my learning has been provided by watching some of the offerings on youtube. Love him or hate him, I've found some of the Wrel videos very helpful, if not somewhat beyond my skill level.

But, please do not take my initial comment as a slight. I appreciate that this game is vast and as a free to play game we do have to rely as much on help from the more experienced guys. And at the end of the day I am now able to make more informed decisions about what I want to do in a given situation. I have to admit that if the in-game tutorial was much longer I don't think I'd have seen it through to the end.
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