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Wow. This place really died, eh?

I haven't really played in eons, but I periodically read about the game here and there and I've played a few minutes a couple times in the last year or so. I thought that was just me, but given how few servers are in the game and the lack of activity here, I guess it's not just me.

It's really sad to come here and see the board and site is practically at a stand still compared to the year leading up to beta and year after release. I guess most folks have moved on. And moving on is fine, there's lots of stuff out there to do!

Personally, I stopped posting here when the ratio of trolling asshats to intelligent people took a massive turn for the worst. Who needs that in their life? And I gave up on playing the game, because every time I tried either my hits didn't register or people/vehicles teleported all over the screen, making it literally impossible to play. If ya can't play, why play, right?

Anyhow, thanks for all the time and effort you guys put in over the years, Hamma and the gang. It was some good times.

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