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You know what would be unfair?

Killing enemies only to see them not just revive in an instant but then use that time to gain terrain on you while you waste bullets on someone who is immune and now is in a more advantages position closer to you, along with his other buddies.


If anything, the one revived should be made helpless more so they can be made to stay dead. In PS1 it took 20 seconds for the stamina bar (which allowed you to run) to regenerate, which only happened as long as you sat still.

PS2 has no stamina bar, making it easy to just jetpack away instantly, throw up your shield, or run for better cover or to a position from which you can get a better shot.

How do you want to take care of a group that is twice as big as your own if their medics that outnumber yours and already keep their group alive constantly now also grant imperviousness to fire? How do you plan to take care of a team of 20 medics if they keep everyone alive and advancing towards you with those immune players acting as live shields?

You should stop thinking about what would be convenient for yourself and start thinking about the consequences of changes you ask to the general gameplay. Worse, you ask this because you died somewhere you will die again and should die again because you are being revived in sight of the enemy. Instead of realising your positioning needs to improve, or you should choose not to be revived there, you ask for yourself to be more immune to your own bad decisions. So rather than learning from your mistakes and the mistake of the medic to revive you at that time in that position, you ask for more leniance. You want to be allowed to totally mess up with no negative consequence at all.

Sorry, but your idea stems from incompetent decision making, selfishness, laziness, not being able to handle a challenge or setback and just wanting the game to do all the hard work for you without ever thinking of what your change will mean to the enemy or to hot it would affect gameplay in general. You didn't consider if it could be exploited or if it was really needed at all.

Just be more careful, bring an AMS and choose whether a medic should heal you or if it is pointless there. Deaths are part of the game, why should you remove its effects on you? Why should the enemy player not be rewarded for keeping you down and instead should you be rewarded for having been shot down in a bad position?
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