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Re: TR Tank Destroyer concept: Controller

Originally Posted by ParrotMarauder View Post
I love the idea of adding tank destroyers to the game, but even though it may be nice to have a separate gunner in Mbts, I know a lot of people who would practically disown them and operate much better solo. Perhaps have it be an option or make it so there is a turret seat, but the driver can still gun if they prefer to go classic.
Half-arsed solutions shouldn't be done as they incentize one over the other. But the entire argument is that solo players should NEVER get this much firepower on their own. So to then go back and say "well some get less firepower and hitpoints (endurance) per player because they share a single unit and some just keep it as is and thus have a higher player to firepower and endurance ratio", that is just slapping teamplayers in the face and solves nothing. So please, don't bring up this suggestion, because it isn't a solution, it's a continuation of the original problem.

Classic in the context of PlanetSide is "separated controls" btw. "Modern" (i.e. War Thunder/World of Tanks/Battlefield style) is single player controls.

If those people disown their heavy tanks, fine. Let them put the points in light tanks and tank destroyers instead. However, I'm quite sure they wouldn't disown them. As they'd soon realise they get way more exp and more fun out of working with a teammate in a heavy vehicle than if they played solo and get blown up less due to being more mobile.
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