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[ADK] A Different Kind - Helios

=ADK= A Different Kind, is looking for new members to fill out our platoons! We are a very large gaming community. The outfit, although many are inactive, is 2500 strong, we are huge. We have roots in all kinds of games with active players in games like BF3, LoL, DOTA2, ARMA2, PS2, and many more. We are much bigger than just PS2. We have a great website complete with forums, messaging and everything else a good gaming community/outfit would need for socializing with eachother. Regular members meet every other week to discuss anything, and officers meet once a week to discuss any issues. We are very organized and have a history of being one of the most effective outfits to play Planetside 2. Our team speak can support virtually any amount of players.

Our main goal is to have fun and be casual. We are a gaming community that enjoys gaming and playing with familiar faces. We are very open in our recruiting. However, we are a very competitive and effective outfit. We are keen on accomplishing objectives and bringing coordination to the NC overall.

ADK is the great cat-herders of Helios. Our platoons are open and for anybody to join, regardless of their association. We have sound leadership that helps provide the randoms direction to go. We are committed to providing our members a solid gaming experience and if there are problems with members, we have very good processes in place for dealing with issues and resolving conflicts between members in a peaceful, friendly manner. Please come give our website a look, and apply if you are interested! ADK is here to use its resources to help unite the NC and provide coordination to our great faction. Freedom will prevail. Long live the NC! If you want a very fun, but also organized and serious outfit but casual at the same time (I know that sounds conflicting), then we are the perfect outfit for you. We really are A Different Kind of gaming community.


Youtube channel featuring events/videos from ADK and the UES blowout.



We have recently extended our reach to PlanetSide 2!
Join the ADK community today!
Over 2500 Strong and still growing!

PlanetSide 2
Group Mechanics

Each of our group members plays a key role in the team, and we are ready to change classes in a moments notice.
We work as a team using effective communication as our greatest weapon.
The PlanetSide 2 veterans in our group help new players learn the game mechanics and strategies.
Different squads work together and consult with leaders to move in an organised and efficient manner.

ADK Forums

We use our website and forums page to get important information to our members, and we are always looking for new people to help out.
Members can sign up on the forums and get to know the group, your input is always appreciated.

ADK Teamspeak

Increasing the amount of members on the teamspeak will furthur strengthen our community, and squad coordination.
Communication is the most valuable tool when it comes to group mechanics and coordination.
Its fun! - its always a good time with a lot of laughs when speaking with the people you love to game with!

Faction: New Conglomerate
Server: US West - Helios
TeamSpeak 3 server address:
ADK PlanetSide 2 Forums:

Other Information about ADK

We play on a large variety of games, and are one of the biggest Battlefield 3 communities in the world!
People from all ages and all over the world are welcome!
No mic is required for TeamSpeak, as long as you can hear us, we have no issue.
Professionally made website, with all the latest and greatest news and updates for you!
Blogs, Server info, Lan party info, Active forums, Product store
Mature admins provide assistance for anyone in need, and make sure to give users the best gaming experience.

Want to apply to ADK?:
Notice: You don't have Teamspeak 3 yet? Download it here or go to their website!
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