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New Buddy Keys!

As of October 1, 2007, there are currently NO keys available.

PlanetSide Universe has obtained trial keys for PlanetSide! These keys grant 30 days of free trial play without restriction. So if you have never tried out PlanetSide and are itching to get in and give it a shot here is your chance!Keys can only be used on NEW accounts, more than one key will not allow you to play longer with the same account, please do not attempt to abuse the system.

To obtain a key head over to the PSU Buddy Key Exchange here. In order to obtain a key you must first register on our forums. Also in order to prevent vandalism and griefing we have placed several restrictions on keys.
  • You must register on our forums here.
  • Once registered you must wait 24 hours to request a key.
  • Additionally you must make 2 constructive posts on our forums, spam posts will be deleted. Become a member of our great community!
Keys will be placed into the database in blocks so if you get an error that there are no keys not to fear! We will post when the supply has been depleted questions and comments may be directed to the comment thread below. Happy hunting!

We will announce when no keys are left, so if you don't see that message, assume that keys are available. The form itself will tell you automatically when keys have run out as well.

"Are there keys left", "Can I have a key", "Here is my first and second posts" type posts will be deleted.

Do not try an obtain more than one key, you will be banned from the system. You can only use one key per account anyhow, do not believe that you can string multiple keys together and play longer, you are wrong.

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