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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by exLupo View Post
Hitting juking fast movers sucks for NC and VS. Might as well have TR join the club.
Have you played BFBC2 and used the AT4? The VS and NC at least have proper aiming mechanisms, like a camera and crosshair. Hitting a fast-moving (let alone flying) target with an AT4 guided missile is pretty abstract. You aim somewhere in front of the target, while actually looking at the missile itself to see what the result is. So you're not so much aiming, as forcing an object to go where you want it to go, with no aiming mechanism or depth perception to helo you. No comparison with a Phoenix or Lancer.

Of course if the new Striker required more precise aiming to "paint" the target, and the missiles were more maneuverable than the AT4, the problem would be gone.

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Cannons! Guided by your hand. Like a burster but faster projectiles and no or very small explovesive.
I thought about this today. It kind of fits the TR mentality, actually. Think of the anti-tank rifles the Russians used in WWII. Make them rapid-fire and make their projectiles blow up (a bit) in proximity to aircraft and it gets pretty cool.

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