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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
You max suggestions would render MAX useless and far too easy to kill. Their purpose is combined arms. Used in mass is a problem but not in moderation (like most things). You seem to not want them in the game. However if you have current planetside as your context... Current PS is so far down the crapper i dont think any conclusions should be based on it.
How would they be far to easy to kill? It'd be the exact same TTK. The only difference is...

1 Max armor with interchangeable weapons
- People will no longer be able to spam max suit after max suit, wearing down enemies through attrition instead of skill/teamwork
- It prevents 1 person being able to rotate his max armors to reset his health, I've pulled a burster, killed a softie, took 2 decis, pulled pounder killed a softie, took 2 decis, pulled my DC max, killed a softie, took 2 decis, switched to agile sweeper and killed another, oh yeah, that super balanced.
- It allows a max user to freely switch out his weapon, without setting a timer on his previous weapon (so this is a buff really)

Having AP/AV weapons do health damage
- People will no longer be able to grab a max from a terminal during the middle of a fight, and be basically back to full health even though he might only have 1 HP left (though this is extremely amusing, it's also extremely not fun to fight against).

Removing armor healing from medical terminals
- it makes sure that teammate need to repair friendly maxs

Adding a good handheld counter for the max unit OR adding a max unit that isn't going to suicide on itself because of splash damage, but is still decent at killing other max units
- People speak of the deci as some end all of max units when it's not, it's OK if you're defensive and a max is pushing you, but if the situation is reversed, the deci is about as useful as using a suppressor standard against HA rexo, adding a decent hand held infantry counter will reinforce good FPS skills and TEAMWORK, instead of overwhelming and opponent via attrition.
- If not a decent hand held counter, a anti-max max then. Good AV damage, no splash weapons so it won't suicide on itself. The reason I find AV max such a poor counter is that you HAVE to be defensive to make the best of it, and in order to make sure you don't splash yourself, you have to expose yourself to enemy fire to often hit what you want to hit, making you into decimator/AV bait.

There needs to be a decent max counter in the game and I'd prefer it to not be another max unit, though it could be it's own cert and expensive. Because having another max being the only real max counter is going to encourage the proliferation of max units again, turning planetside 2 into a boring camp fest like PS1 is. Max units in PS1 are only used to overwhelm a small group of good players (though to be fair, defense is horribly overpowered in PS1 with camping corners and interlink), but max units also make it nearly impossible to successfully push, fight, and win against higher population.

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Limiting what they can carry is a far easier method of limiting super soldiers, and doesn't force people to play the same way every day.
There's nothing wrong with the current cert system, it only went wrong when they added in extra battle rank. If you want to change the way you play, SOE just needs to add in free certification resets every 1-2 weeks, and then you should also have the option to make alternate characters. Removing soloing from PS is not a good idea in my opinion.

If you're worried about HA/AV/Rexo/Mossie/Medical/Engineering/Adv hack/etc, individuals. Increase the cost of certain support certs, decrease cert points back to BR20. Bam, soloing/self-reliability is still available to a certain degree. But it will be impossible to have HA/AV/Rexo/Mossie/Medical/Engineering/Adv. hack (which is what you could get up to BR23).

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