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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Yeah, knock it backto BR20 as teh cap and now one has to choose between adv hacking or the mossie. No way in hell they'll ditch the rexo/HA/AV/med/engi combo, they're too damn important. The other two are like bonus in comparison, ease of travel or faster hack times.

Classes really are the way to go. Solo play needs some real definitive limiter. Sure, you can heal yourself, but you're not going to be packing anything much bigger than a standard issue rifle, and your armor will eventually reach its limit. Likewise, you can come geared to take on an army of MAX suits, but you'll need support to shrug off all the wounds you may suffer in the process.

Right now, if for ANY reason you're NOT in a vehicle, you probably have a med-app and a glue gun fused to your ass. It's not even a choice anymore. No one ever truly backs each other up for the sake of mutual survival as a result. Classes will change that.

Restrict the cert points even further to prevent the rexo/HA/AV/engi/med combo, and why have certs at all? You buy two skills and you're done. Time to reroll!

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