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Re: Mossie is a TR Vehicle?

Originally Posted by kaffis View Post
NapalmEnima, the Mosquito falls under your first bullet point.
False. The MossBURG is a TR-only vehicle. In other words that tweet doesn't mean anything. Seems to me that the mossburg is right up there with purple bunny mortars and velociraptor launchers.

"PS_TRay: @HinataIS the reaver is a NC vehic, mossie is TR now."

So I was a tad off, eh?

Okay. That leaves me thinking that these are the "empire specific fighters" we've heard about... we just didn't know that we already knew two of them.

Kinda makes sense. The NC have the hard-hitting Reaver, while TR goes for... err... something else. And we just dunno what the VS have.

Unless the Magrider is secretly a transformer and can take off.

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