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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Eh, this sounds like it's already in game to some degree. Attachments to weaponry and tools that may or may not be restricted by class. I can't bring my HA certs with me as a jump trooper for example and having to return to a station to swap out active "tactics"/certs for ones that help me as a jump trooper seems kind of counter-intuitive to what SOE is attempting with classes in the first place.

I'm also not under the impression that we'll see straight up stat boosts, like clicking 5 times on a talent and getting 15% more damage from your fireball

More like... stat boosts via attachments and equipment/vehicles upgrades that one can actually see. A highly maneuverable Reaver would look more maneuverable than your average flying brick I would assume. Course, that brick probably has hellfire rocket pods drilled into its underbelly that can coat an area in crimson flame, while the reaver running circles around it can only really hope to take out its enemy one at a time.

What I'm definitely not for however is the whole "I get this attachment and it increases X, but decreases Y." That crap will work itself out without decreasing Y. I'd rather have additional firepower or ammo in my magazine than a naturally tighter CoF at CQC. No need to make my weapon hit any softer as a result of picking the accuracy attachment.
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