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Re: 15 minute re-secure.

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When I was eagerly watching the gameplay demo of Higby playing Planetside 2, I couldn't help but notice that the base capture was rather quick. Now we don't know exactly how long the devs were playing in the specific base for, but when Higby went into that base it seemed like there was no 15 minute re-secure. This worries me because the 15 minute re-secure mechanic was important, in regards to tactics and gameplay captivity, of Planetside and it saddens me that it might be stripped away in favor of an instant base cap. Thoughts?

The mechanic was sped up for the Demo. Capturing will be proximity based and affected by how many players are within that proximity. For example, if it's 15 feet, then a hack will be initiated if an enemy is within 15 feet of the control console. Each additional enemy within that proximity will decrease the time it takes to complete the hack. I would imagine that this would also be counter balanced by the number of friendlies in that proximity as well.
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