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Re: 15 minute re-secure.

Originally Posted by EVILPIG View Post
The mechanic was sped up for the Demo. Capturing will be proximity based and affected by how many players are within that proximity. For example, if it's 15 feet, then a hack will be initiated if an enemy is within 15 feet of the control console. Each additional enemy within that proximity will decrease the time it takes to complete the hack. I would imagine that this would also be counter balanced by the number of friendlies in that proximity as well.
Evil, what about the say a single or multiple cloakers that are totally invisible while the area capture is going through... Dont you think that would be a little unfair as we have no word on detecting those true cloakers?

On a side note: How AWESOME would it be if cloakers got the ability to walk on walls via a walk suction device sort of like we see in the Alien VS Predator games? Yes I have been drinking, but its an entertaining thought to think of.
For those with a sick sense of humor, you will dig this
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