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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
Well... I read most of that.

Seems a lot of the PSU hard core have given up on PS2, although they still like to chat about it. I find that interesting in itself and for me says that you've not completely given up on PS2 just yet.

As for me, I'm still playing. I don't look too deeply into this game. I don't care about "balance," "force multipliers," "TTK," "OSK," and all that jazz. I play a very simple version of Planetside 2. I pick fights that suit my limited skill and playstyle. My playstyle is hated by many, but why should I care as long as I am enjoying it?

I also don't get bogged down in all the nerf this, buff that stuff... Things are what they are, bases are fine, to me... I don't mind the Zergs, the spawn camping, air dominating infantry dominating armour etc. I just log on and see what is going at the time. Might be a 4v4 tussle or a 96+v96+ mega battle.

The only thing that would improve this game for me is performance, and that is it.

But that's just me and I appear to be very much in the minority...
I'm happy you're happy.
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