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IMO the NC propoganda by far is the worst,it actually made me like the TR more.

here is a snippet from

"I bet you've never heard of the underground group of freedom fighters known as "Liberty's Call" that staged a demonstration no more than a century ago, protesting the Republic's systematic elimination of human rights. Quite a crowd gathered to listen until a shower of bullets from Terran Republic Special Riot Police, which killed every last one of the protestors and nine innocent bystanders, broke up the rally."

If the worse specific thing the NC can say about the TR is that they ruthlessly squashed a protest a 100 years ago than the TR must be doing a really good job of managing multi-planetary empire with tens of billions of people (?). The last 8 words could just be dropped and it would sound better, "nine innocent bystanders" suggest everone else really was guilty and in a propoganda context sounds petty(thousands and millions are more appropiate scales and general terms work just as well).

I would have liked something more like,

"Let me tell you the true story of "Liberty's Call". A visonary group that staged demonstrations thoughout the TR protesting the Republic's systematic elimination of human rights. Peaceful protests were met with with ruthless violence from the Terran Republic Special Police. Liberty's Call was falsely labled an anarchist terrorist group and the Special Police hunted down all associed with Liberty's Call. The few that escaped went into hiding, secretly planning for the day that Liberty's Call could again be heard.
Now is the time."

While I'm at it the refernce to the NC as a "crimson phoenix" (same page) should be changed to "golden phoenix".

And could the rank 20 guys be a little less yellow?

Just my$.02
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