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damaged armour

i have brought this idea up before but i have re thought it,

i really wanted to see bullet holes in body armour and maxes but this would be quite a strain on fps secound, even if it was easy on and off able.

but how about around 5 differnet armour degeneration modes,, meaning at :

100% armour, you look how we always do now, all shiney.

75% armour, you look a bit dented with a few bullet holes,

50% more dents and bullet holes maybe a chunk of armour missing,

25% you look a bit of a mess, broken bits on armour, bullet holes and wounds showing

05% this one could be how you look when your dead but appears just before so you would look like you just survied by the skin of your teeth.

no real reason for this just that it would look good.
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