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Re: A plea regarding bases, towers, and bunkers

Originally Posted by Peacemaker View Post
Half agree. Needs to be less cover. Approaching an enemy base should be dangerous. not "hazardous". There was too much cover in PS and it didn't make sence. The walls were worthless because people on the ground often had the advantage to those on the walls, the cover gave them too many attack direction options, while if you were on the wall you were very limited.
It is already extremely dangerous to attack an enemy base. I would choose to defend over attack 100 out of 100 times. Grenades are so much more effective against attackers than defenders, and the fact that you can "attack from too many directions" (which isn't true since you can attack from any part of the wall) is moot when the enemy has radar and grenades.

The only thing I agree with in this thread is that there shouldn't be trees five feet in front of wall turrets.

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