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Re: A plea regarding bases, towers, and bunkers

You can't even take a base in which both empires have 50% pop on a continent. The attackers (nowadays) have to outpop the defenders by at least 20% to see any real advantage. To me thats enough favoring of the defenders. And I'm not sure what that one guy was worrying about, but I never see an entire empire start dying too much on defense and then just go fall back to the next base to wait for the attackers. 99% of the time we hold the CC, tubes, and gen till the last man. You don't wan to make base defenses too OP. In real life base defenses can be overpowered, because in real life all we care about is winning. In PlanetSide there needs to be balance. We can't just have bases with uber killing fields and defensives so that the attacker needs 40% more pop to be able to have any hope of getting past the defenses.
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